The SPP Series transfers device allows for larger parcels to be passed with-out compromising security. The doors have a mechanical interlocking device which prevents both doors from being opened simultaneously. North American designed this unit to be mounted within variable thickness openings. The package passers are available in all performances levels.
The standard units are built in prime finish steel with stainless steel exterior door optional and all stainless steel optional. Standard and custom configurations are also available with key locks on the doors as an option.

UL Level

Ballistic Data

UL Level 1

9MM, 124 Gr., 1175 Ft. Sec., FMJ  9MM, 124 Gr., 1090 Ft. Sec., FMJ

UL Level 2/6

.357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1250 Ft. Sec., LSP               9 MM, 124 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec.FMJ

 UL Level 3

.357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1395 Ft. Sec., JSP .44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1350 Ft. Sec., SWC .44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec., SWC