Bullet Resistant and Blast Resistant Doors



North American Bullet Proof manufactures a complete line of bullet resistant doors in our Cibolo, TX facility. The bullet resistant WDR series wood doors are offered in UL levels 1-8. They are the only UL Listed level 3 blast resistant wood door/frame system available in our industry. These bullet resistant doors are built as slabs or with standard or custom viewlites. We even build rail and stile or applied bullet resistant panel doors. Our staff mill workers are able to match virtually any door type providing you with ballistic integrity and design continuity.





Our HMDR hollow metal bullet resistant doors are UL Listed to handgun performance levels. They are built as flush or in standard viewlite configurations and hinged using heavy-duty builders hardware. These lightweight doors are usually shipped faster than our SDR series steel security/bullet resistant doors.






NABP recognizes the need for a heavy-duty security/bullet resistant steel door. All of our SDR series doors have a structural steel internal framework and minimum 10 gage door skins. These high performance blast resistant doors are available in all U.L. and N.I.J. performance levels. We have frequently manufactured the SDR in .50 caliber performance. As with all of our doors the SDR can be outfitted with any viewlite.




Finally our ADR bullet resistant doors are generally incorporated within a NAASS aluminum storefront system. The ADR may also be purchased as a stand-alone door and frame. It has a 2” x 4 ½” aluminum frame profile. The door itself is 2 3/8” and available in narrow as well as wide stile. We have the flexibility to offer it as a full vision door or incorporate a horizontal mullion and lower opaque panel creating a ½ vision door.

Incorporate any of the above bullet and ballistic resistant doors alongside bullet resistant panels or accessories and you’ll create a safe secure environment. Call to speak with one of our ballistic design experts today or contact us for more information .






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