For many years the financial community has realized the need for bullet resistant protection in bank and credit union teller lines. North Americans NATL Series products are ideal for new construction as well as for retrofitting an existing teller line. These NATL’s are available in both level 1 (banking industry standard) and level 3. NABP provides an “erector set” kit comprised of aluminum channels and frames, plastic bullet resistant material that has been cut to size, polished and drilled, along with stainless steel MDT or SDT deal trays and connection hardware. The non-transparent and under counter areas will be fitted with precut ShotGard also included in the kit. These NATL kits are customized as “one off” assemblies and therefore can incorporate WDR or ADR doors as required. TPP and SPP package passers can also be designed into the system. The end result is a product that is aesthetically pleasing, offers bullet resistant protection and also is a deterrent to criminal “counter jumping”. Finally, although the banking industry historically is the primary user of the NATL, NABP has provided this retrofit system to the corporate world to protect entries without having to completely remodel the space

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