Several years ago the Department of Justice came to us with a tremendous idea based on their need for personnel protection at security checkpoints. The concept was a “mobile ballistic podium” that would provide the entrance guard bullet resistant protection in the event of a sudden attack. The unit would stand along side the standard screening equipment (X-Ray, magnetometer) and also provide a work surface along with a locking drawer and some storage beneath. Additionally, the MBP needed to be light weight enough for it to be easily moved on its casters. This mobility allows the user to traverse offensively in a hostile setting while still maintaining protection. It also provides a vehicle to which the user could use the MBP as a rescue devise for reaching injured people. Together DOJ and NABP realized that necessity truly is the mother of invention. Our Mobile Ballistic Podium is available as a standard unit or can be customized as needed. It incorporates ShotGard BB-3 level 3 UL Listed bullet resistant fiberglass as well as a level 3 transparent plastic laminate. The powder coated frame and plastic laminate finish give it a handsome and durable appearance. The MBP is offered direct to the government and also available under certain circumstances to the private sector.

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