For Applications where a lightweight, low cost bullet resistant hollow metal door is necessary please consider our HMDR Series doors. They are available in handgun performance levels with a U.L. Label. Standard flush doors as well as all common viewlite options are offered. As with all of North Americanís doors, standard and custom sizes are available. The HMDR doors generally provide quicker lead times. If you need higher performance characteristics please visit our SDR Series Doors.†††

UL Level

Ballistic Data

UL Level 1

9MM, 124 Gr., 1175 Ft. Sec., FMJ††9MM, 124 Gr., 1090 Ft. Sec., FMJ

UL Level 2/6

.357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1250 Ft. Sec., LSP ††††††††††††††9 MM, 124 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec.FMJ

UL Level 3

.357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1395 Ft. Sec., JSP.44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1350 Ft. Sec., SWC.44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec., SWC

UL Level 4/5

†††††††30 Cal., 180 Gr., 2540 Ft. Sec.,††††††††††† JSP7.62 MM, 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec., FMJ7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec.,


UL Level 7

5.56 MM, 55 Gr., 3080 Ft. Sec., FMJ

UL Level 8

7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec., FMJ