North American Bullet Proof fabricates an entire line of steel bullet resistant doors as an accompaniment to our WDR series doors. The SDR doors are offered in protection levels U.L. 1 through 8. We have also provided doors in custom configurations and performance levels up to and including .50 calibers and 30.06 armor piercing. Our SDR Series doors are also built with minimum 12 Ga. Faces and tubular steel internal framework. These heavy-duty doors are more than just bullet resistant. They have secure forced entry characteristics compared to “hollow metal” bullet resistant doors. The SDR Doors are ideal for applications where ballistic integrity, containment and durability is a requirement. If only handgun bullet resistance is your goal perhaps our HMDR door would be a lower cost alternative.

UL Level

Ballistic Data

UL Level 1

9MM, 124 Gr., 1175 Ft. Sec., FMJ  9MM, 124 Gr., 1090 Ft. Sec., FMJ

UL Level 2/6

.357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1250 Ft. Sec., LSP               9 MM, 124 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec.FMJ

UL Level 3

.357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1395 Ft. Sec., JSP .44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1350 Ft. Sec., SWC .44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec., SWC

UL Level 4/5

       30 Cal., 180 Gr., 2540 Ft. Sec.,            JSP 7.62 MM, 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec., FMJ 7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec.,


UL Level 7

5.56 MM, 55 Gr., 3080 Ft. Sec., FMJ

UL Level 8

7.62 MM 150 Gr., 2750 Ft. Sec.,


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